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Sunday Swan Rescue

Breaking news visitors today Sunday 15th October 2023 became aware that one of the two swans at Five Arches seemed to be distressed with what appeared to be fishing tackle in its beak. (This is unverified at the time of writing). The RSPCA and other Wildlife Rescue groups attended and with the help of a local resident who was called away from Sunday Dinner Duties to launch his Kayak, the Swan was caught and taken away for treatment. The remaining swan is pictured after the event (below) hopefully awaiting the return of their ‘Mate’. It is with high hopes that the Swans are a pair and will mate presenting the Meadows with their cygnets next year.

Please note that Boating and Fishing are prohibited on the River Cray at Foots Cray Meadows, A Local Nature Reserve - Today of course was an exception to facilitate the recovery of an injured animal. Michael Heath Chair FFCM 15/10/2023.


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