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Lime Avenue

Lime Avenue 1 cdt Willie Robertson.jpg

Image credit: Willie Robertson

One particularly impressive feature of Foots Cray Lawns is the avenue of Limes trees, which runs from what was the gardens of Foots Cray Place, owned by Bourchier Cleeve from 1752, down towards the river across the area known as Foots Cray Lawns.


It is thought that the trees in Lime Avenue were planted in about 1909. A number of these came down during the storm of 1987. Most have been replaced over a number of years.

The header image above shows the view down the site of the gardens of Foots Cray Place - below is the view upwards towards the former mansion.

Lime Avenue 2 cdt Willie Robertson.jpg

Credit: Willie Robertson

Foots Note


When the Duke of Newcastle planted his splendid avenue of limes on his estate at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire in the 19th century, the fashion for this feature had long been established.

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