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All Saints Church,
Penny-Farthing Bridge,
Chestnut Avenue

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All Saints Church

Behind you, through the undergrowth, you will find All Saints Church. To the right is the unique Penny Farthing Bridge while to your left is a wonderful avenue of old sweet chestnut trees.


All Saints Church in Foots Cray is situated in the winding Rectory Lane on the west edge of Foots Cray Meadows, not far from the River Cray.


The church was constructed in the 1330s but it is thought to occupy the site of a Saxon place of worship, likely to have been made of wood. The current building contains a late 12th century Norman font. Two windows on the south side of the nave and in the chapel are believed to be from the 14th century – with the west door-case and porch said to date from about the same time.


Penny-farthing bridge


The distinguishing feature of Foots Cray Meadows these days is the 19th century-built Five Arch Bridge. But with the River Cray forming a south to north path, for just over a mile, through the centre of this particular landscape, other crossing points are also important.


The brick-built Penny Farthing Bridge, 20 metres in length, is topped with coping stones. Recently having undergone repair and restoration work, it offers a valuable link to the grassland near All Saints Church off to the riverside stretch of the Meadows close to Mitchells Field.


Chestnut avenue and pond


This attractive channel of trees is found along the south-west edge of Foots Cray Meadows, parallel to Rectory Lane, Sidcup. The trees are a mixture of veterans, such as the one below  left, and younger ones, presenting a wonderful walkway to stroll up towards the pond, below right.


The corridor of trees is enhanced in springtime by lines of daffodils. The area of grassland opposite the Rectory Lane side was at one point used for gymkhanas and other horse show events, with such days proving spectators and riders with a festival atmosphere.

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All Saints Church

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Penny-Farthing Bridge

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Chestnut Avenue and Pond


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