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The Friends Big Help Out Event

Updated: May 31, 2023

The rain held off on the Monday of the Big Help Out Volunteering day and we were able to meet many visitors to the Meadows at the ‘Five Arches’ and tell them about the Meadows and our Friends Group. A big thank you to the volunteer litter pickers who went off in family groups and collected a surprising amount of rubbish littering the site.

We also introduced our exciting QR Code Post project which is in the advance stages of development. Watch this space for further information on this project and our plans to plant a Coronation Commemorative Oak Tree on the Meadows later this year.

A successful event for the Friends and a big thanks to the team that made it happen. Our next event is ‘Paws for Tea’ on Saturday 20th May.

Images below: the Friends Base beside the Lake at Five Arches and the Team with Louie French MP.


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