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Permitted Ride

Permitted Ride cdt FFCM.jpg

Image credit: Friends of Foots Cray Meadows

The trail, designated as a ‘permitted ride’ path, meanders through the east part of Foots Cray Meadows – producing a round-trip of one and three-quarter miles – from Water Lane, at the north of Meadows area, to a spot adjacent to the south end of the lake and back again.

This equestrian trail, created by Bexley Council in 1968, runs virtually parallel with the River Cray and at one stage passes through the area known as Stable Meadows, which in early spring is resplendent with an array of daffodils to stretch parallel to the North Cray Road.

It is used by horse riders from the numerous stables to the far side of that highway.


But the pathway, tree lined in places, also presents a picturesque lane along which people can stroll while keeping a weathered eye out for any horses.

The permitted ride is clearly marked by sturdy posts, which are painted white from half way up as a guide to horses.

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