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Call for information regarding a serious incident on the Meadows

A message from The Missing Paws Team UK:

At approximately 4.30pm Sunday 20th August 2023, a Staffordshire bull terrier vanished whilst on a walk with her family. She failed to make her own way home and so advice was given to the family to leave scent items at the scene of her disappearance and members of the family took it in turns to sit at the exact spot by the river that she vanished from.

The river was extensively searched including reeds and hollows checked in case she had come to harm. The river was searched by our teams and her family on a daily basis but nothing was discovered.

With no confirmed sightings We had no options but to assume that she had been stolen. At this point she was reported to police as stolen and a crime reference number was issued.

An intensive media campaign was launched over this 2 week period which yielded nothing. Public appeals went out but this again yielded nothing.

On Sunday 3rd September 2023 exactly 2 weeks after her disappearance her broken body was placed back into 10 inches of water and left.

This area of water could be seen by the family on their daily visits and was 2 foot away from where they had been sitting each day.

She has significant injuries that just can’t be explained and can only have been inflicted by human hands. These range from multiple bone fractures to significant bruising and puncture wounds.

We are working with authorities to establish the facts and to hopefully provide her family with the answers that they deserve. They have worked tirelessly with us to get her some safely and need to have final closure on these events.

She was returned to this spot at some point between 3pm Saturday 02/08/23 and 10am Sunday 03/09/23.

We are asking for the public’s help for information that could identify the perpetrators involved in this horrific event. This could be any information regardless of how small and seemingly insignificant you may think it is, or you may have just heard some chatter that could help us.

It is really important after this event that dog owners and dog walkers safeguard their pets at all times in this area.

If anyone saw anything suspicious at Foots Cray Meadows between 4.30 pm Sunday 20th August and 10am Sunday 3rd September 2023 please contact via email at or via telephone 07702194148 both in the strictest of confidence.

Thank you for your assistance.


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