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 If you have not enjoyed the bluebells this year go to the Meadows and Woodland Management page for a couple of images. 3 May 2016.


  Looking for Lunch; where is this? Answer on Members page (April 2016)

Unfortunately we are unable to organise a spring walk this weekend as suggested on this website. But apart from a walk along the river, do take a detour and go out into North Cray Woods and enjoy the Bluebells this Mayday Holiday weekend. posted 29/04/2016 

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'Paws for Tea' Saturday 14th May 2016 see events page 

Saturday4 June 2016 London Tree Week event, Saturday 18th June we shall be at the Sidcup Pageant (Sidcup High Street) The AGM is Tuesday 21st June 7pm at The Information Centre and our Birthday Fun Dog Show is Saturday 25th June 2016, this is also based at the Information Centre. see the dedicated page.


Enjoying the Rectory Lane Daffodil's March 2016

New Finger Post Signs at Foots Cray Meadows. These new directional signs have appeared on the Meadows this autumn, It is not something the Friends had discussed prior to there introduction so tell us what you think. e mail ffcm06@gmail.com -  Michael Heath Oct 2014 



For Pictures of the Third Foots Cray Meadows Fun Dog Show go to the Fun Dog Show Page 



Return of the Winter Lakes on the Meadows

The sun is out and  a few April showers, Bluebells and some glorious spring conditions so it may be surprising that the groundwater flooding has returned to the Meadows. But the water table is high the aquifer full and the natural springs in the Cray valley must be at full force feeding into the Cray as they have done forever and why humankind settled along the valleys.  

Whilst there is an obvious overflow from the lake at five arches. This is almost certainly as a result of the high groundwater levels keeping the river in full flood as we have seen throughout the winter. Foots Cray Meadows are a flood plain and meadows beside rivers do flood. This flooding and any risk to properties will be monitored by the authorities and the Environment Agency Flood warning publish updates. The closure of the footpath is an inconvenience especially as it is a key pedestrian route from North Cray to Schools and the railway at Albany Park but excess water belongs on the Meadows and hopefully away from people's homes. I was with Bexley Council today and we will be looking at immediate options to reduce the overflow with the Environment Agency in the next few days. In the meantime do enjoy the nature from the expanding lakes on the Meadows this spring.

 Michael Heath  FFCM and Thames21 24th April 2014

comment ffcmo6@gmail.com or michael.heath@thames21.org.uk. 


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Image by B Riches 

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Above three Images raised water and ground water levels Five Arches February 2014